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Right, as the moderator of this community, I think I've been abandoning it for long enough. We've got 30 members now, which is good, but only 12 entries. Let's get this community at least a little more active.

To get things going, let's first have a "Get to know you" party. Right here, right now. I'll start:

1. Name: Jessica. Hi.
2. Age: 20. A little younger than George.
3. Location: Texas. It's hot.
4. How many/which GMD books have you read? A good number, but not all of them. Lilith, Phantastes, At the Back of the North Wid, Sir Gibbie, Donal Grant, Princess & The Goblin, Princess & Curdie, The Golden Key, Light Princess (and the other "children's" stories that usually accompany it), most of the stories in "The Portent and Other Stories", Robert Falconer, and David Elginbrod. Most of them I borrowed from a library in a nreaby town which happily has quite a few, but I hope to own them all eventually. I have a scad of ebooks on my hardrive, which encompasses most of his works, but I want to own them all in book form, because books are yummy.
5. Which is your favorite? The Princess and Curdie. I love the "ugly" creatures, and I just love the whole story.
6. What introduced you to our dear friend George? I really don't remember. I remember that the first book I read was At The Back of The North Wind, and I think someone pointed me to it mentioning that CS Lewis liked his stuff. Maybe. It's been a while.
7. What other books do you read? I adore CS Lewis, Tolkien, JK Rowling, Poe, Eoin Colfer, and Tamora Peirce, but I'll read anything that can get me hooked in.
8. Besides books, what are you interested in? Music, astronomy/physics, knitting, and the like.

And look, I'll even make it easy for you. Just copy&paste the questions from this box:
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