Rachael (petrapendragn38) wrote in georgemacdonald,

yay George MacDonald

Just wanted to drop a line. I love Goerge MacDonald books and have access to quite a few, thanks to Johannesen Printing and Publishing. I don't actually own most of the GM books I've read, but borrowed them from friends who bought ALL his books from this publisher. Here are the ones I recall reading: Sir Gibbie(my favorite!), Donal Grant, Paul Faber-Surgeon, Adela Cathcart, The Flight of the Shadow, The Wise Woman(which included a lot of really neat fairy tales), Lilith, Phantastes, Heather and Snow, Alec Forbes, The Elect Lady, There and Back....I think thats it so far, but there are a bunch more! I want to get my hands on "Whats Mine's Mine", but I haven't as of yet. Anyhow, if anyone wants more info, let me know. These books are there if you want them!
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