V (mossytangle) wrote in georgemacdonald,


1. Name: Valerie
2. Age: 23
3. Location: Sun Valley, Idaho, USA
4. How many/which GMD books have you read? I don't know? Most of them?
5. Which is your favorite? I really like The Light Princess and The Day Boy and the Night Girl, but those aren't exactly a books are they? The only one I didn't really care for was At the Back of the North Wind, but I think I might get more out of it if I re-read it now as an adult.
6. What introduced you to our dear friend George? My mother died when I was young, and I inherited her books. She seems to have been obsessed with Rev. MacDonald, because she had quite a few of his books. At every used bookstore, I always check first for "Lewis" and "MacDonald."
7. What other books do you read? Well, CS Lewis, obviously. I also like Tom Robbins and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Les Miserables, Three Musketeers, and Hinds Feet on High Places are a few others that come to mind.
8. Besides books, what are you interested in? Cooking, camping, hiking, skiing the bunny slopes, obscure movies
9. BONUS QUESTION: What would make this community awesome? Heck, I don't know.
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